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What You Need To Think About Before Creating An Outdoor Oasis For Hot Summer

What You Need to Think About Before Creating an Outdoor Oasis for Hot Summer

It’s hard not to get excited about summer. The agreeable weather and wonderful sunlight encourage you to spend time outdoors and enjoy natural splendors. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could enjoy a little slice of natural heaven in your own backyard? Well, it’s not too difficult to achieve, especially if you have a plan. If you want to build a perfect oasis for yourself, you need to think about a few changes and additions to your backyard environment.

It’s the perfect time to install a pool

You can build a pool at any point of the year, as long as you don’t mind trudging through the snow with your contractors during the colder seasons. Obviously, spring and summer would be the more convenient options for an installation like this.

In-ground pools are only increasing in popularity in Australia as of late. If you live in a warmer climate then you should think of installing one.  They’re the perfect relaxing focal point for any outdoor oasis. Start building early so that you can enjoy the pool as soon as you need it. Summer months tend to get swelteringly hot, and a nice, relaxing pool would do you a lot of good. Not to mention, it would also provide a gorgeous sight to look at.

Fountains look good in any backyard

Speaking of relaxing water features, fountains are making a big comeback this season. People are aching to hear the murmur of flowing water in their backyards, as it’s quite the relaxing auditory experience. There’s also the accompanying singing of birds that visit the fountain that might provide further benefits. If you add a couple of bird feeders you will not only provide an oasis for yourself.

The great thing about fountains is that they’re pretty easy to install. All you really need is a water pump and a running tap in your yard. Connecting these elements is easy, and you can choose from a wide variety of fountains to grace your yard. Do you want a spectacular display that reaches tens of feet in the air? Probably not, but you never know! You can create a small fountain or two with some basic elements if you want to stick to a minimalistic view. Either way, there’s a lot of potential for relaxation and gorgeous views in your backyard oasis if you install a fountain.

Stimulating scents complete the atmosphere

There’s nothing quite like the smell of nature in your backyard. Fresh air, mowed grass, and lots of fragrant plants can make for a very relaxing atmosphere. Just make sure you introduce the right fragrances to stimulate your sense of smell.

The great thing about many aromatic plants is that they tend to provide a nice visual display as well. Plants like lavender and maiden grass look nice, while also giving your oasis a set of wonderful scents.

You can also plant things like peppermint. This plant will make your backyard smell beautiful. On the other side, you have to be careful to not let them overrun your backyard. They tend to grow quickly, which doesn’t bode well for surrounding flora. Be sure you check them or just put them in the pot.

Work on the home’s exterior

No matter how wonderful your garden and backyard might look, your home also needs to be a shining beacon of beauty. It will be in your eye site the whole time. The exterior complements the backyard and vice versa. To complete the look of your gorgeous oasis, you’ll need to work on the façade and exterior of your home.

Weather conditions, dust, and time can add to the damage and worn-out look of your home’s exterior walls, which is why they need to be rejuvenated. This is important for people in warmer climates. Most Australian homeowners will redo their exterior every few years, but repeatedly doing this is a hassle on your own. An increasingly popular option is to find house rendering in Sydney to handle this task. It’s definitely quicker and more convenient than doing it on your own, plus you get optimal results.

At the same time, make sure you decorate your exterior with a few plants here and there. While some vines might be a bit intrusive and damage the facade, hanging pots and low-hanging plants wouldn’t. They rarely cause damage and still provide a natural look for your exterior.

You’ll need a shade

While we all like to see the weather turn favorable after a period of snow and rain, the sun isn’t always a welcome ally. As things start heating up, the temperature can reach uncomfortable heights that can even prove to be dangerous at times. This is why shielding yourself from the sun is so important in your personal oasis.

Consider planting a tree or two in your yard. This is the best way to provide natural shading that isn’t too harsh, nor too weak to prevent all sunlight from passing. Plus, you get the benefit of a more diverse backyard ecosystem with the introduction of a tree. The only downside is that it will need some time to grow and private shade.

Parasols and pergolas are great artificial options that give you lots of room for personalization. You can choose the color and design of your pergola to match the aesthetic of your home. If you don’t want to use a cover for the pergola, you can always allow a leafy vine plant to cover it. This would give off a natural and majestic look to the construction, while also giving you ample shade.


There are lots of things you can add to your backyard to make it look and feel like a perfect natural relaxation zone. If you’re short on ideas, you can always consider some of the above examples for your oasis-in-the-making. With just a few of these elements, your yard will start looking better and better, and you’ll be enjoying a lot more time there than before.

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