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Ways to Organize Jewelry so Your Favorite Accessories Stay Tangle-Free

Ways to Organize Jewelry so Your Favorite Accessories Stay Tangle-Free

We love our jewelry, and we wouldn’t have bought each piece hadn’t it represent some meaningful characteristic or if it simply looked gorgeous when wearing. However, jewelry is so much more than sheer neck or arm embellishment, it symbolizes your preferences and enhances your unique character. For that matter, you must keep, store and maintain it properly, Don’t just throw it all in one place and let it get entangled, otherwise your favorite necklace might break. Yep, you’ve heard it, that can happen. To avoid your favorite accessory to get tangled, here are some rather nifty ways to organize your jewelry meticulously.

Consider having separate boxes

Even if this idea isn’t rocket science, it surely does the trick. Most jewelry lovers don’t even think of separating or combining their favorite pieces with some other materials or jewelry items, however, if you want to stay organizational this is the smart way to go. When purchased, each jewelry item should come in its unique box, instead of throwing it, keep it and store your dazzling ring or bracelet in it. This might take up too much space, however, it’s the cleanest and safest way for them to stay tangle-free.

Find a special drawer for each precious item

As each piece of jewelry is precious for a lady, it’s no wonder that they should be treated equally. Another practical hack is to designate a special drawer in your bedroom or closet for storing and organizing jewelry. Shallow drawers are the best for this, but if you don’t own one you get a specific jewelry drawer organizer box that comes with different compartments. You can divide the jewelry by size, material, and color in expendable trays. You won’t have to worry if you went shopping for stunning aquamarine rings for sale because you can now place them in their special compartment.

Keep the visible, separate and cherished

It can be hard to avoid that every single accessory piece doesn’t get tangled, broken, misplaced, or lost, but providing a separate area for your accessories might help. Keep them visible and sorted out by placing each necklace, bracelet, or ring on a hanging ornament. Opt for a jewelry hanging tree or a dress from a lady where you would hang each piece either on a branch or ‘arms’. With this hack, you would always have a clear visual inventory and every cherished piece won’t get tangled or burst.

Display delights

Hooks, DIY doorknobs, picture frames with needles, even spools of thread or antlers, anything that can be used for the hanging is ideal. By hanging necklaces and other accessories individually on special hooks you prevent them from getting entangled and messed up. Have a decorative wall display for your hanging delights or mount and attach hooks directly to the wall. This is also a rather exquisite way to decorate your living ambient as well, as some of the hanging jewelry organizers look rather elegant so they might upscale your home d├ęcor vibe.

An “all-in-one” organizer

Some people prefer to have all accessories in one place, and if you are not keen on visible hanging organizers or you don’t have space in your drawer, then you might have to resort to the “all-in-one” option. Have all your favorite jewelry pieces always sorted out and organized on your countertop by placing them in one big jewelry box. Instead of placing each piece in a separate box or tray, visit the thrift shop or flea market to get a vintage big jewelry box. You will have a clear insight into your accessory and they would never get tangled.

Whether you opt for divided compartments or trays, single boxes or wall hooks, you would double the storage and keep every jewelry piece tangle-free.

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