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Sleep Guide - 6 Common Types of Mattresses

Sleep Guide – 6 Common Types of Mattresses

One of the hardest parts about new purchases is deciding on all the different varieties available on the market. This is true for so many items including items like mattresses. My first mattress was purchased based on zero research and misguided notions about the right mattress. After some bad nights and a visit to my doctor, I realized that there’s much more to purchasing an ideal mattress than just getting the best seller. One of the more critical things to consider is all the types available and who they are suited for. You want to read on and find out all the types of mattresses and their pros and cons before you can proceed on any planned purchases.

The Classic Memory Foam

When you think of mattress, memory foam comes to mind. The foam itself is made from a viscoelastic substance that is soft and quite absorbent. The most notable characteristic of memory foam mattresses is how they mold to the body they are accommodating. They swallow you up and keep you cuddled and snug. Because of the foam material, these mattresses respond to your body heat and pressure and evenly distribute your weight while you sleep. These are known for the level of comfort they offer. The contouring ability allows you to feel supported while being surrounded by the foam. However, son all sleepers benefit from these mattresses. Because of the molding effect, stomach sleepers risk an unnatural curving of the spine which may result in lower back pain.


  • It is excellent for all-around comfort
  • This type is recommended especially for side sleepers because it offers shoulder and hip support


  • Sometimes the foam doesn’t always bounce back because of the saggy dips

Innerspring Mattresses

These are also called coil mattresses. They are built with internal layers of metal springs. The number of coils within the design helps determine the quality of the spring mattress. These mattresses conform to your body depending on the distribution of the springs within the structure. You can, therefore, decide on the degree of firmness of your mattress based on the spring arrangement within the structure. Innersprings are among the most traditional mattress designs whose use is quite vast. This design may be unsuitable for relieving pressure from a certain point of the body or for use as a pain relieving mattress.


  • The design allows you to vary the degree of firmness of your mattress
  • They are fun and bouncy


  • When the coils begin to wear, you might notice a certain squeakiness that may be a turnoff for many people

Fun fact: Springs in the coil mattress can either be pocket spring or coil spring. Each of these makes a different kind of spring mattress.

The Innovative Hybrid

Hybrid mattresses as the name suggests are a crazy combination of innerspring mattress design with memory foam or latex designs. Hybrid mattresses combine the positive attributes of both designs to produce a bouncy supportive and contouring product. Hybrids are great for side sleepers, including expectant mothers. They are additionally very comfortable while still providing all the support you need.


They combine the best of two worlds for a cleverly designed bed.
Because the combinations can be so diverse, you may get a hybrid customized to suit your sleep needs


Can get quite heavy, you might not like this especially on move day

Water and Air Beds

Water bed as the name suggests use water as the primary filling. They are designed with a water-filled chamber that is then surrounded by upholstery or fabric. The water can be in a free flow chamber or limited flow one. In the first kind, water moves through the chamber in a wavy motion while in the second, it is restricted hence the term waveless. Choosing the best water bed is dependent on the degree of movement you need, or if you even prefer this wavy movement. The same principle applies to air beds. They have a air-filled chamber surrounded by padding and can be adjusted to alter t


Both of these beds are ideal for back sleepers
You can adjust the flexibility or firmness ad you see fit


Some people may not enjoy the movement that comes with the primary support.

Gel Mattresses

Gel mattresses are basically pimped out foam mattresses. They have an added gel layer to the structure that acts as part of the support system. Because of the added component, the gel mattress feels quite different from polyfoam. Like many other sleepers, I hate sleeping warm. The discomfort alone is enough to disrupt my sleep and keep me in that sleepless state. Gel mattresses are characterized by their ability to dissipate accumulated body heat that occurs throughout the night.


They effectively redistribute the heat generated during sleep
Are good for your back


You might not like the initial feel of the mattress, but it’ll grow on you

Getting a Mattress

Now that you know all the different standard types available and what they have to offer, it may be time to go shopping. You may have some trouble starting off so I’d recommend you do some online research first. Starting off with manufacturers who maybe specialize in a particular type you are interested in is often a good direction to take with important purchases. Aireloom, for example, offers a variety of handmade hybrid mattresses. When you go through each type by seller, you may acquire a greater understanding of what every item has to offer and what price range you should expect.

Final word

Like all toothbrushes, mattresses get old and must be replaced after a certain period to maintain their functionality. However, you might need a new bed after 5 or even 8 years depending on the quality upon purchase. When you understand all the different types of beds out there, and what they have to offer, the purchase becomes relatively easier. Sleep is important, and so is the bed that goes with it. If there is a significant change in your lifestyle, you might want to find a bed that goes with it.

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