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How should you protect your rugs

How Should You Protect Your Rugs?

Rugs are one of the fashionable and pretty items in our homes. It is necessary to keep them in proper and clean state because it takes up so much space in our living rooms, that more often than not, it determines how the room looks.

Therefore, it is necessary to take good care of them as well as keep them away from things, which can make them dirty very easily. In cases like rugs that are used very often and is practically impossible to clean them thoroughly every day, it is better to take care not to let it get dirty.

Some of the things that make rugs dirty fast, and should be taken care of when considering clean and good-looking carpets are given below.

Moisture and water

Prolonged exposure to moist climate and or water is very bad for rugs, as it is for anything that is made of fibers. Therefore, if you live in an area that is climatically humid, it is better to dehumidify the rug regularly, as it is more practical and good for the life of rug rather than cleaning it occasionally.

Moisture is also bad for the rug as wet and moist fibers are a good place for insects to make their nest and can cause health concerns if not taken care of immediately. They also multiply very rapidly and before you know it, they will be everywhere in your house.

It is very common in households to spread the rug once, and then leave it as it is. However, occasional vacuuming can help in keeping the upper layer of the rug clean, it is better to take out the rug completely and then rotate it under your furniture.

Another very dangerous threat to the rugs are pets. Cats and dogs have sharp claws and do different things that can harm the rug. Puppies tend to chew anything they get during their teething period. Rugs are a victim during that time as they are easily available and reaching to puppies.

Cats on the other hand, can damage a rug beyond repair by heavy scratching with their sharp claws. It is very important to teach your pets not to get on the rug, if you do not wish to change your rug once every month.

Other than these problems, pet urine, vomit and feces can cause devastating damage to the rug, and even if the stain is removed, the stench will never leave your room.

The above points are steps to avoid rug damage, and increase the life span of the rug. It is very likely that there will be mishaps even while taking the utmost care. So what to do when rugs do get dirty.


Vacuuming your rug weekly will prevent dirt build-up and pick up particles like dirt, dust and debris. Which are not visible to the eye, but will cause damage to the rug in due time.

Immediate cleaning

Stains are very common, and it might so happen that you dirty the rug at one point. It is very important to clean the stain immediately; it will not only remove the visual stain but also help in removing the smell.

There are many professional, homemade remedies and rug protector for stain cleaning available. Most of the times, it is easier to buy a cleaner from store as they are specialized in cleaning stains on rugs. But, if it is not in hand at the moment, an equal part mixture of vinegar, washing liquid and warm water should do the job.

There are variety of rugs available in the market, and some of the new kind are washable. Try those the next time you are browsing a catalogue of rugs on your phone, or in the store ask for a washable one. They are made with detergent friendly fabric, and can make the cleaning of rug as easy as doing a load of laundry.

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