Why Glass Cabinets are Good for Kitchen Renovations

Why Glass Cabinets are Good for Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is the one place in your room where your day starts and probably ends. On waking up, your family goes to the kitchen to eat before starting the day. After work, that’s where everyone goes for refreshments. It is an essential part of your home and should be well maintained.

More so, home buyers consider the state and design of the kitchen before they make their purchasing decision. If you are looking to renovate your kitchen to increase its sale value or make it a place where your family enjoys being, replace your wooden cabinets with glass. Here is why glass cabinets are the best forĀ kitchen renovations.

1. Brightness

Unfortunately, not every home can get a kitchen location that gets enough natural light. Luckily, you can work something out with glass cabinets. With the help of glass, you can increase the brightness of a room. Glass reflects light from outside or fixtures available, distributing it in the room hence making it brighter. Use clear glass cabinets to get this effect.

2. Illusion of space

The reflective property of glass makes it create an illusion of space. If you are working with an L-shape plan with limited space, you can add glass cabinets. They will make the room look larger. Also, instead of using wood cabinets, which create harsh breaks in an open kitchen plan, you should use glass.

The glass will reflect light and other features of the room, making the room look larger than it is.

3. Aesthetics

Wood is beautiful, but glass is the most aesthetically appealing material you can get for your kitchen cabinets. Stained glass cabinets can be decorative. They come in different colors, textures, patterns, and mosaics, making your kitchen appealing. You can use colors that blend with your kitchen walls and other materials.

If you have some fine China you want to show off, you could store them in clear glass cabinets, which can serve as a display. Alternatively, you can install lighting inside the cabinets to illuminate the treasures.

4. Flexibility

The beauty of glass is that it is very flexible. There are many types of glass you can use for your kitchen cabinets. Also, you can have the manufacturer cut them into shapes and textures you desire. There is frosted glass, clear glass, and stained glass.

Frosted glass can be decorative and also provide privacy of the contents inside as they are obscured. Clear glass can act as a display if you have beautiful kitchenware. The stained glass comes in different patterns and colors, making it both decorative and private.

Glass cabinets are easy to clean and maintain. Since glass is waterproof, it cannot be destroyed. Also, they are made of strong tempered glass. Glass is very washable: all you need is a lint-free cloth and a glass cleaner. Replacing your old kitchen cabinets with glass cabinets can instantly improve its value.

Let a professional do the installation for you for the best results. Also, ensure that you source quality glass from a reliable manufacturer.

source/credit: smarterbathrooms.com.au

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