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Water Damage In Your Maui Home

Water Damage in Your Maui Home

In spite of being vigilant sometimes you may fail to circumvent water damages in your home, as any abrupt accident such as a tap leakage or pipe burst may take place, these incidents may lead to water accumulation and eventually, property damage. Many a time water damage is caused by water leakage from the ceiling due to persistent heavy rainfall, or in case of natural floods such as flash flood or artificial flood caused due to application malfunction, overflowing tanks, and so on.

Reports suggest that most of the water damage cases that occur in Maui occur due to the homeowners’ negligence such as leaving the tap open prior to going out, bursting of tanks or pipes due to overuse, overflowing or leakage of tanks due to punctures. These incidents may lead to severe damages to our furniture and electrical appliances also, which may further lead to a short circuit and ultimately cause a house fire. In such cases, we must quickly call for a plumber, and if the damage is severe quickly contact a water damage restoration company. Maui has the top, water restoration companies that can give you a prompt and accurate service.

How to Deal With Different Types of Water Damage?

Moulds and mildew

You must never neglect moulds, as they are capable of spreading to your entire property in just 24 to 48 hours. They can render severe damage to drywall, walls, plywood and leave them irreparable. They even cause acute infections and respiratory problems. Dealing with moulds becomes very difficult for usual homeowners. You must promptly call a reputed restoration company in case of moulds. Any delay in this case and the restoration company may also fail to restore the building.

Drywall damage

They can be recognized by inspecting the swelling, sags and bows visible on the outer surface. In case drywall gets water damaged, it leads to the formation of bacterial or fungal colonies. Water can easily seep in through paint coatings.

Short Circuit

In case any of our electrical appliances or wires come in contact with the leaking water, it might lead to a hazardous short circuit. You should instantly switch off the main power supply and contact an electrician. If the short circuit isn’t fixed accurately, it may eventually lead to fire and cause heavy irreversible damage to the property. In any circumstances, a house fire should be avoided as it may lead to very severe damage. After the fire, restoration becomes really very tedious and expensive due to soot deposition, the property needs to be repainted and in case of a structural damage rebuild.

Ceiling damage

Most often, ceiling damage occurs due to excessive rainfall or storm. The method of controlling ceiling damage is related to the severity of the damage caused by water. The preliminary step should be to dry the ceiling by allowing cross-ventilation with the help of doors and windows or turning a heat radiator on. If the damaged can be temporarily fixed by using an “instant fix” by any manufactures, that can be a good ad-hoc solution. If still, the damage persists we can opt for replacing the drywall.

Every homeowner must have a secure home insurance plan, and one must have a proper idea about its terms and conditions and coverage so that you can get it renewed promptly. Restoration companies not only assist you in wrapping up the water damage, but they also assist you in settling insurance claims. There are much-experienced water damage Maui companies that might help you manage the situation by fixing the water damages and collecting shreds of evidence for dealing with the insurance provider.

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