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Tips to Choose the Best Driveway Gate Design for Your Home

Tips to Choose the Best Driveway Gate Design for Your Home

In comparison to other entry gates, a driveway gate can offer homeowners a higher amount of security and convenience. As you have options to choose from several driveway gate designs, it is important to compare different models to choose the best design that complements the design and usage of your establishment. You must choose the gate design by keeping in mind the cars and other vehicles entering the driveway gate on a regular basis. At the same time, you also need to concentrate on the size, strength and features of the driveway gate to enjoy more home security and convenience.

Size of the gate

The size of the driveway gate will have an impact on your car and other vehicles entering into your home. You need to ensure that the gate is large enough to allow the entry of normal as well as emergency vehicles. Along with the width of these vehicles, you must keep in mind their height. Also, some extra width must be left on each side to eliminate the chances of accidents and similar mishaps.

Amount of free space

While comparing different driveway gate designs, you must remember the distance between the gate and the road. It is a good idea to measure the distance between the road and the gate. If you allow adequate space between the road and the gate, it will be easier for the vehicles to wait as you open or close the automatic gates. Also, more space will facilitate the parking of more than one vehicle at a time.

Strong and durable

As the driveway gate is large and heavy, you must choose the models made of strong and durable material. Normally, the gates made of wrought iron or steel are more durable and can be used over many years. But you must check the gates thoroughly to ensure that the components and spare parts also made of durable material. For instance, the gate pots and hinges must be strong enough to provide adequate support to the heavy gates.

Compare different driveway gate design

Normally, the driveway gates come with sliding or swinging doors. The swinging gates are cheaper, but you must have enough space at the back or front of the entrance. On the other hand, the swinging gates require more space on the side of the entrance to open the gate into. It is a good idea to decide the way your driveway gate opens based on the size of your entrance. However, you also have to decide, if you want to install a traditional or automated gate opener. Also, you can choose from the automated driveway gates that can be operated through a remote control, keypad or access card.

Understand the safety measures

When you decide to install an automated driveway gate, it is important to consider some safety measures to prevent accidents. After installing the gate, you must check and ensure that all types of vehicles can enter into your premises without hitting the gate. If you have chosen a swinging driveway gate design, it must be opening fully beyond the driveway, without stopping in inside the driveway partially, to eliminate the chances of all types of accidents.

Based on your requirements and budget, you can buy the driveway gates from the local as well as online stores. But you must buy the gates from a seller only after checking its professional credibility and reputation.

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