Three Ways to Improve Bathroom Storage

Three Ways to Improve Bathroom Storage

Your wife might have twenty different products to take care of her body. Your husband might buy three different razors (for special occasions) and store them all in the bathroom. Or maybe you simply have a very big family… whatever the reason is, though, the results are the same: your bathroom is overcrowded with way too many items and it feels uncomfortable. If you cannot destroy a wall to improve storage space, do not give up: many simple Do-It-Yourself projects can lead to great results if you do them properly. After reading this articles, you’ll have a few ideas on how to make everything better.

Installing a bigger medicine cabinet

A few people actually don’t even have a medicine cabinet! For the others, by getting a bigger one, you’ll have extra space to store pills and beauty products, and you’ll also get a bigger mirror if you want. The installation is rather simple, as it usually takes less than an hour. The tools needed for your project will be a screw gun and a 2 feet level.

Before going to the store, please do not forget to take measurements of your “ideal” medicine cabinet. You’ll find this product at home centers or in specialty bathroom stores. When you’re ready to install it, start by marking the height at which you’ll place the bottom of the cabinet. Some specialists recommend temporarily fixing a wooden ledger under the mark in order to stabilize the wooden cabinet.

Buying a bathroom vanity

Bathroom vanities are usually a lot more useful than wall-mounted sinks for the simple reason that they add a few extra drawers to your bathroom. Their price will generally vary between 500$ and a few thousand dollars, depending on the style you’re looking for. You have different kinds of bathroom vanities: some of them are also wall-mounted but some others are on foot. By combining a sink and some storage space, you’ll be maximizing your bathroom.

Installing glass shelves

Even though they may seem to be a bit fragile, don’t be fooled: glass shelves belong very well in your bathroom. They do not only look great: they are very practical and they won’t break if you keep your hammer away.

In order to fix the glass shelves on your wall, you will need to install brackets on the wall to hold them (they won’t magically stick there!). Start by driving the hollow wall anchor into the wall, then screw the brackets. All the small pieces should be included with the glass shelves, which will also be found in bathroom specialty stores. Then, just place the shelves on the brackets and you should be done!

Alternatively, getting rid of all useless products in your bathroom could also give you a hand. Many people do not realize how many products are kept there without being used frequently. You could decide to store the most common items in the bathroom and add a special storage, let’s say, in the master bedroom, to solve this problem.


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