Benefits Replacing Wooden Cabinets Glass Display Cabinets Living Room

The Benefits of Replacing Wooden Cabinets with Glass Display Cabinets in a Living Room

Our living room is usually the brightest and the simplest kept room home. Various activities take place while we are there like; relaxing, engaging guest, watching a favorite show with snacks and a lot more. Glass display cabinets and wooden cabinets are some of the modern day materials we talk about decorating our living room.  When we decorate living rooms, there are a lot of things that go through our mind. Are we using Fab glass and doors or will everything be wooden? Then we consider which will be more stylish, absorb light, carry out the color and the price of course.

Each chosen cabinet have their advantages and disadvantages. But before I let you in on why you should decorate with glass, I want to take you back to why you should stop using wooden cabinets in your living room. Wooden cabinets are great for designs, stable and durable when we use them at homes but they have certain factors which haven’t endeared them to a lot of people and the more reason why people decorate living room with glass cabinets. They are affected by both internal and external factors that are why sometimes wooden cabinet that should have stayed longer than you would have expected would shrink, warp, expand in thickness and crack.

The external factors are moisture, humidity, and temperature.


Extreme dryness is not very popular with woods. In fact, such dryness allows them to shrink and when they do, they can easily break. Splashing water, flooding can lay waste to your wooden cabinet of not adequately checked. Steams and droppings from the cover of your cooking pot if not properly wiped off can lay siege to your beautiful cabinet in minutes.

Yes, you can reduce the moisture, but sometimes the damage is already done. People who use direct heat or humidifiers to dry moistures have only ended up ruining the asset because the direct heat on any wood is not good for them.


The humidity in your room will determine if your wood will expand or decrease if not properly checked. Exposing your wood to so much humidity without enough protection from paintings and coloring can lay waste to a priceless piece. Though these changes usually happen in longer terms, a wood that has been soiled with coatings and foil tempers will soon crack. If a wooden cabinet is exposed to too much humidity, the joints will begin to crack. If the humidity level is uneven, break, warp, a bow can be evident in brighter colored wood.


The temperature of a room is another internal factor that can affect the use of a wooden cabinet in the living room. For living rooms that do not have an HVAC system to regulate the temperature in the room, it because complicated for woods to maintain the same texture because of the constant change in room temperature. It will cause woods to expand, crack, split and contract, causing dramatic changes.

Internal Factors

Any wood that will not be soiled in disinfectants that fight against common insects, whenever the temperature drops, they quickly become an abode for breeding insects. Because of these reasons, most people have resorted to a glass display cabinet to decorate living room.

Why You Should Decorate With Glass

Decorating with glass have proven to be much more than people’s expectation. It is because glass is a delicate material which should be handled with care. For that reason, it is not common to find them just anywhere. The glass display cabinet is transparent for everyone to see what is inside, if they are in your living room, they can be used to hold a lot of stuff you would be needing without searching for it. Glass displays are also more stylish than wooden cabinets that is why you should be replacing them with it. You can form various designs using glass and a mixture with wood to make a lasting paring.

Different shapes and sizes can be constructed with glass in your living room to make designs more pronounced. You can add exciting displays to a glass cabinet than you would a wooden cabinet. For example, lighting produces a lot of heat, and woods are not very good at absorbing so much heat without crack or warp. Glass becomes the perfect alternative to switch different colors of lights in your glass cabinet. Lighting will bring out the glamour and design of any glass cabinet like a beautiful dress. You can place awards, arts, trophies, souvenirs in a glass cabinet for everyone to see and they will stay protected.

Glass cabinets are not affected by humidity and temperature changes, unlike the wooden ones. The last longer and are more durable than woods. They do not suffer from the raid of insects and never break when they are soiled with water and other liquids. They keep things safe and secure and yet provide us with the extraordinary ability to display them for visitors to see in our living room. They can make your space more glamorous and exciting to view because they are neatly placed and shiny with lights to display the new contents you have.

You can choose different types of glass to decorate living room — particularly smooth or rough panes depending on what you want to pick. You can also choose colors to cover your glass which can make them less transparent or form a design. Dark shades, sky blue, light green are some of the favorite glass colors people use to decorate with glass. They keep us organized all the time and allow us to have a defined place for each item in our living room. With their clear reflection, they can replicate any light to thousands of places in your living room keeping it nice. They can be very delicate to handle therefore cleaning is usually done carefully with a little liquid and held firmly to avoid moving parts from slipping.

Replacement parts are always available in the market.

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