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Smart Ways to Give Your Place a More Spacious Look

Smart Ways to Give Your Place a More Spacious Look

Home is the ultimate place of solitude and solace. No matter how amazing your workplace is, you cannot find the same environment as you get in your home. It is more than just a place where we live. We also have an emotional element attached to its existence. Therefore, people aspire to keep on improving and making their homes comfortable, beautiful, and classy.

When it comes to designing and decorating homes, the amount of space available is a crucial factor. Interestingly, due to the recent spree of a minimalist lifestyle, spacious and aesthetic appeal with the elegant color palette are the go-to trends. And no matter how much space our homes have, it never seems enough.

Let’s look at some of the ways to give your place a more spacious look.

Lighter Fabric

If you desire your space to look bigger, try using lighter fabric for window coverings, and avoid heavy cloths. The thick fabric might work in massive rooms, but they absorb light and weigh the room down, making it look smaller. Go for lightweight material in your room, like linen curtains, to get an airy and breathable feel.

Cool Colors

Most of us know that white color brightens the room and makes everything look more prominent. But if you are not okay with a blank and cold look, try to opt for fresher and softer shades. Lighter shades of blues and greens can brighten your room and make it feel instantly spacious.

Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces

Another smart trick to make your room look bigger is to use mirrors and reflective surfaces. Mirrors can add sparkle in your room and make it look more expanded. A full-length mirror or several small mirrors can reflect light and view, which creates an illusion of bigger space than actually, it is.

Space Utilization

Whether you are a messy person or like an organized house, adequate utilization of space is essential as it not only saves space but enhances the look of the room. However, sometimes you might not be able to get rid of some belongings. As some of them belong to other family members, or you might have sentiments attached to such possession.

In this regard, you can rent out storage units so that you can still own them without decluttering your house. People who have a good sense of interior designing, utilize storage units to change looks by switching out time to time.

Diagonal Flooring

One more bedroom design secret that is practically applicable to any place is to reconsider the installation of flooring. No matter whether it’s a hardwood flooring, laminate, or tile, getting that structure in a diagonal pattern can make your room look bigger. Because doing so in your place creates an illusion that makes your eyes think you are in a bigger space. It happens because the pattern of the tiles doesn’t square off with the walls of the room.

Shades of Walls and Furniture

By merely using contrasting or the same colors for walls and furniture can also make your room bigger and cozy. Contrasting colors will break up space in between. Furniture that matches the wall colors tend to blend in with space and provide an illusion of bigger space.

Lighten Up the Room

Lights can do wonders to make your space look bigger. Interior Designers always recommend playing effectively with illumination. You will get the suggestions to keep your windows neat and clean to allow natural light to enter the room to save energy as well as make it more spacious. In the night time, keep your space well lit to make it look bigger.

Choose the Right Rug

A right size area rug can add more magic than just tying the furnishings of the room together. It creates a visual effect that tricks our eye into thinking space is more substantial than it is. Area Rugs must be significant to cover the legs of the furniture underneath. Try to pick rugs with a pattern with small repeats and avoid loud designs. It will provide an optical illusion of airy feel and spaciousness.

Clear the Clutter

Having too much stuff scattered across the room can make you feel that you don’t have much space. Try to keep your bedroom clutter-free by keeping unnecessary items out of view, organize them behind the doors or on the shelves, etc. By only keeping your room clean, tidy, and organized, you can get much more space available than any other fancy settings.


No matter If you have a bigger space or a smaller one, as time goes by, the accumulation of different possessions will still require more space anyway. Therefore, it is crucial to keep things organized, utilize the areas maximally, and arrange the household items in the most arranged manner.

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