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Signs That Tell Its Time To Refinish Your Hardwood Floor

Signs That Tell it’s Time to Refinish Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood is the most popular type of flooring for many years now. It is preferred because of its natural look and highly durable qualities. Apart from making the space look beautiful, it also increases the resale value of the house. However, this too is prone to wear and tear, and needs proper maintenance and care, to retain its visual appeal. But when do you know it is time to refinish your hardwood? Below given are some tips that can help.

Some Planks Have Turned Gray

Do a visual inspection of the floors and determine if any of them have turned gray. Hardwood flooring has a layer of polyurethane and due to excessive usage, it can wear away. That can happen as water and moisture get absorbed. Water can get absorbed due to spills or even due to the usage of cleaning products. When this happens, it triggers oxidization making the wood turn gray. When you see the first gray signs, refinish it so that it stops absorbing water and the wood does not turn black.

Excessive Scratches

If you see a huge number of scratches on the flooring, it is a definite sign that it needs refinishing. It is not a cause of worry if there are minor scratches as it is normal but when there is an increase in number it is time to sand it. When you have many scratches simple sanding and refinishing will suffice as these are concentrated only on the surface. But if you have cracks or deep cuts then you will have to replace those with wood pieces. Minor scratches can be covered with an area rug. Recoating is also a way to prevent scratches and has to be done every few years.


Sometimes the flooring looks discolored and damaged especially those close to the windows, it can be because of exposure to sunlight. Refinishing will help in this case, you can learn how and remove the stain that is in the top layer. If the flooring is simply dull but not discolored then a recoat is enough. This is called a ‘light sanding’ technique and is an inexpensive way to prevent future damage.

Some Planks Have Turned Black

If the planks have become black then it is a little too late for refinishing. Now there are two options; one is to replace only the boards that have turned black or the other is to stain it to cover the black stains. A replacement could cost you a bit as you will have to choose a new board. If you intend to do that, you can very well choose to change the entire flooring giving a new look and feel.

Damage Due to Water

If the hardwood is damaged due to water then you can see cupping and separation of boards. If it is only cupping, it can be refinished through sanding. But if it is accompanied by separation then you may have to replace that section or the entire flooring. If the damage is due to flooding then insurance covers the water damage.

If you see any of the above-mentioned signs on your hardwood flooring, then refinishing is the best way forward. It not only helps to protect the hardwood but also enhances the appeal and makes it more durable.

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