Inexpensive Home Decorating Ideas

Inexpensive Home Decorating Ideas

Nothing’s more of a blessing than the feeling of comfort and restfulness in your own home. In a cozy place, decorated as per your taste, the relaxation can be priceless after a long day out. With new innovations in home decor, it’s hard to find cheaper options to make your place look presentable. However, if you have some determination and a knack of creativity, you can find a solution to almost anything! Here we’ve gathered some trending ideas that are pocket-friendly, and will surely live up to your expectations.

Play With Colors

Beiges and grays may seem like the safe choice when painting your walls or ceiling. However, now is not the time for all neutrals! Paint any bold and bright color of your choice to one of the walls, letting the remaining be neutral or white. The room will automatically seem bigger and less boring. Texturing your paint can also be a great way to add a bit of drama. Make your walls seem like art with creative swirls and patterns.

As for choice of colors, select them carefully! Do some research by reading up on the effects that colors can have on the human mind. Black can get depressing, while blue has a calming effect.

Light It Up!

Lighting sets the mood, it’s true. A dull, shadowed space gives out depressing vibes and it’s up to some small but clever decisions to make you end up having a cheerful place. Light your rooms according to their purpose – the study and work areas need to be bright and well-lit, while bedrooms can be a bit dimmer for a cozy feel.

As for porch or any of the walls in your rooms, fairy lights can add great decorative touch. Put up some neutral or bright colored strings of fairy lights to add some subtle excitement to your home d├ęcor. Swirl strings of fairy lights around tree trunks and your plants for a trendy effect.

Decorate With Himalayan Salt Lamps

One of the hottest new trends in the health and wellness market, Himalayan Salt Lamps can be of great use both for physical and mental relaxation. Their therapeutic effects are just as good as the beautiful orange-pink hues they provide that automatically add charm to any space.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are said to act as natural air purifiers by combating dust, pollen and harmful positive ions that are released by the electronic devices around us. They may provide relief from a variety of symptoms and ailments including allergies, skin conditions, respiratory problems and joint problems. Just make sure they are genuine – real Himalayan Salt Lamps all hail from Pakistan, with their salt being extracted from the ancient sea deposits in Khewra Salt Mines near the Himalayas. This super salt is even quickly replacing regular table salt in cooking, all thanks to its superior nutritional value and purity.

Add Some Green

Plants are a great way to add liveliness to any place, especially flowering plants that are in full bloom. Choose the ones that would best suit your space. Indoor plants can be a good option for areas that are a bit shady, while you can arrange others on windowsills or balconies. The refreshing scent of damp soil and lush greenery has a magical comfort in itself.

Recycle Creatively

You can add some modern touches to your home without spending much, thanks to recycling! Glass bottles, usually colored, can be decorated further by paint, ribbons or flowers, and displayed as ornaments. Moreover, plates with pretty patterns aren’t always used for eating – display some on your living room or dining room’s walls for a classy touch. Think before you throw anything out – for example, fancy perfume bottles can later serve as pretty vases!

Do It with Pictures

The all-time favorite cheap home decorating idea! We all love looking at our precious moments from time to time, and what better way to revisit our favorite memories than keeping their captured versions in full view?

Make your walls or showcases a display of all your special moments. Walls adjacent to staircases, or living room walls are always a popular choice for putting up pictures. More private displays can be used on bedroom walls. Make your house guests smile in awe when they see glimpses of your past.

Use Mirrors

They may only be partly polished glass slabs, but their versatility is not to be underestimated! Mirrors can be covered with pretty fabric and used as trays. Those with ornate frames can be put up on entryways as a nice welcoming feature.

Moreover, if you’re short of space, a large mirror placed on a wall can definitely amp it up. A trick used by decorators forever, this is a hot trend even in 2018!

Mirrors in creative shapes and ornate frames can add a tasteful touch to any home decor.

Change Patterns

Stripes, floral or geometric? Or are you a fan of abstracts? Whatever the case is, incorporate patterns to spice things up! A bland space can seem too boring and even depressing at times. Just make sure not to overdo it, since clashing patterns can be a nightmare. Stenciled paint of your favorite pattern over a single wall will be cost-effective instead of expensive wallpaper. Cushions can be covered with patterned cloth, although half the cushions can be left plain for a relatively subtle effect. Similarly, patterned curtains and drapes can give your room a new look.

These ideas may be easy on the pocket, but their effect on your home environment is not to be underestimated! The slightest addition can do wonders to the surroundings. Even a simple Himalayan Salt Lamp can go a long way in creating an atmosphere that is suited to leisure and relaxation, with its unique outlook, therapeutic nature and comforting hues. As long as you don’t overdo it, your home can become your own personalized space that will always seem to welcome you.


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