How to Make Your Living Room Eco Friendly

How to Make Your Living Room Eco Friendly

The living room is a special relaxation space in your home. This special space should be conducive, eco-friendly, and adapted for leisure activities.

To boost health and nature, you need to make your home eco-friendly.

Several housing materials and appliances are against the quality of the environment. The living room is a perfect place to begin taking out these materials. An eco-friendly living room offers numerous benefits.

Eco-friendly materials are cheap, healthy, classic, and stylish, requiring less fortune and maintenance. Carefully browse these tips on how to make your living room eco-friendly.

Making Your Living Room Eco Friendly

Furnish with low consumption light bulb

The first step to a better environment is furnishing with low energy bulbs. Most times, we burn more energy than we need using high consumption light bulbs. It seems obvious but even individuals who live in homes with unique house plans have not acquired the essential lighting.

Switch to LEDs if you still use conventional light bulbs in your living room. They are not only eco-friendly, but they are also energy-efficient. Conserve energy using LEDs rather than conventional light bulbs.

Always choose household appliances that have the energy label

The energy label classifies the performance of the appliance in seven letters that go from A to G. Class A appliances are the most efficient and G class appliances are the least efficient. A Class appliance saves you up to 600 Euros over the life of the appliance.

Energy label appliances help you to avoid the two temperature extremes. This regulates the temperature of your living room and prevents the loss of energy from household appliances like the air conditioner.

Using a household appliance with an energy label, you can save energy and make your living room eco-friendly.

Choose natural non-toxic paints for your walls

Natural non-toxic paints contain water, plaster, lime, clays, and natural greases. They are healthier for you and your family and also prevent bad smells and possible poisons.

Step to getting an eco-friendly living room is not difficult when you propose to take a few steps daily.

Avoid VOC paints, they contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to your health and disturb the ecosystem. Fortunately, natural non-toxic paints are available and affordable for better eco-friendly living rooms.

Install renewable energy sources

If you live in an area with many hours of sunlight, install a solar boiler or photovoltaic panels. It’s an investment that offers long-term savings. Solar energy is natural. It will save you money and generally make your living room eco-friendly. Invest in solar heating to create energy for your activities.

There are solar heating systems available for a reasonable price. Ensure that you install windows that face the direction of the sun for solar radiance.

Construct your furniture from sustainable or recycled materials

When it comes to purchasing decisions regarding new furniture for your living room, use recycled or at least renewable materials instead of plastic or other synthetic materials. Plastic pollution is a serious environmental problem.

Look out for chairs, tables, or cupboards that are made out of sustainable woods like bamboo. Bamboo is a great material since it grows quite fast and is also considered to be entirely organic.

By using bamboo, you not only contribute to better consumer behavior, but you also improve your health level since natural materials are usually healthier compared to synthetics.

Decorate with abundant materials like bamboo, stone, steel, and glass

Use natural and recyclable materials in the decoration of your living room. Cotton, wool, wood, cork, and stainless steel are abundant and recyclable. You’ll enjoy an eco-friendly living through this decoration.

Although wood is elegant and has constantly been used for decorating the living room, chemicals used to coat and seal the wood are not eco-friendly. Deforestation constitutes yet another environmental problem.

However, alternatives like bamboo, metal, stone, and glass are abundant but require adequate maintenance.

Use eco-friendly carpeting and coatings

One of the best ways to achieve an environmentally friendly home is by making use of green adhesive carpets.

The walls and floor should not be regarded while planning your living room. Use a durable exterior wall coating and carpeting. With this, you don’t need to worry about mooching chemicals or having to coat it more frequently.

Choose natural floor coverings and textiles

Endeavor to use natural textiles for curtains. Synthetic materials usually release chemicals that give offensive odor over time.

Avoid synthetic rugs, curtains, sofas, and bedding and go for natural washable fibers. These natural materials also add design and texture to your space.

Enhance your room with plants

Enhancing your living room with plants gives aesthetic and health benefits. Specifically, plants purify your home by taking out carbon dioxide. They also absorb toxic chemicals and release harmless by-products.

Add some plants to your living room. Select plants that are indoor friendly and easy to preserve. A natural garden can double your benefits and increase ventilation. For a steady design, keep plants in strategic positions in the living room.

Curtains from natural materials

If you are considering changing your curtains, replace them with the ones made out of natural materials like cotton or silk. These materials are natural and renewable, which makes them perfect to make your sitting room more environmentally-friendly.

Curtains made from eco-friendly materials not so expensive. Surprisingly, they are sometimes more economical when compared to synthetic curtains. It should be an easy decision to buy them instead of plastic ones.

Wrap Up

Over the years, many individuals have embraced the beauty and relevance of an eco-friendly home. We have seen the effect of depleting nature and the dangers of chemical emitting materials. This brings the need to avoid these damage through an environment-friendly strategy.

If you follow these tips and create a healthy eco-friendly living room, you’d find that they save you money and preserve the quality of the environment.  Recycle your existing materials, choose eco-friendly furniture, and avoid toxic materials.

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