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How To Buy A Private Outdoor Portable Toilet

How to Buy a Private Outdoor Portable Toilet

You may not think you would need to know much about buying a portable toilet, however, there are things to think through and there are best ways to do so which we will cover here.

Think about your situation

You need to think about the purpose of using portable toilet as it is a long-term solution. This is not a rental and you may want to have one that has been pre-owned. This is up to you and cheap isn’t always best because again, it is a long term endeavor. It is best to invest wisely than have buyer’s remorse later in the game and have to start again. This happens when you have not figured on the wear and tear aspect of the portable toilet.

Your options

There are quite a few options for the models of portable toilets you can choose from; this is why thinking it through would be best. You can buy coin operated ones if you are looking at using your land for events then this may be a way for you to cash in on your investment.

There are multi stall setups when you are really expecting large crowds or have a large work-force. You would do well with a multi stall set up. This is also good if you have to have a men’s room and a ladies room and you will also need a wheelchair accessible one by law in most situations in the United States.

Water waste considerations

It is also a consideration as to whether or not you will need to hook up the portable toilet to a septic tank or will you have to apply some additional plumbing on your own or with a contractor. Will you have buckets, a garden hose or some kind of water source that you can use for the waste management of your portable toilet? Will you need a permit to install a permanent structure that goes under the clause with your city or home owner’s organization that is classed as a shed or other structure? In most places in the US you will need to tell the city that you wish to have a portable toilet installed on your land. This is because you may have to have it connected to an existing sewer or public water works. They also will need to inspect the work being done and in some states they may want you to hire a contractor that is licensed or at least a bonded plumber that can install the plumbing correctly. Lastly, make sure the company can deliver the portable toilet to you and that they offer ongoing technical support.

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