House Preparation for the Spring Season

House Preparation for the Spring Season

Tornadoes are frequent occurrences in Texas. It ranks first with an average of 139 per year. Due to this, the houses are kept closed for months. It gets stinky and filled with dust at every corner. So, the immediate task is to hire house cleaning to get rid of the filth around.

The most awaited time all year round is the spring season where the weather is pleasant and serene. Texas springtime brings beautiful wildflowers in the yards, with bluebonnet blooms at their peak in this season.

The subtropical region is where Texas lies to the east of Interstate 35 and the arid desert belongs to the west of Interstate 35. That’s why the state experiences mild storms and inclement weather more often. Texas enjoys four seasons thoroughly, but the chilly days often follow moist walls and slippery walkways.

But appointing a cleaning service in McKinney, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, or surrounding areas in Texas, can lighten your burden and you can enjoy the springtime leisurely.

With snow and rain being off the charts and homes and garages are in a mess you must refer to these tips to get your home ready for the spring season.

Schedule a Residential Cleaning

You must schedule a weekly or biweekly cleaning service to get your furniture and living spaces sanitized. It is the best way to prepare your house for the warm weather. This will also ensure that the surfaces are scrubbed well and disinfected for your long and healthy living.

Wash Away the Dirt from Driveway, Walkway, Siding, and Decks

The average snowfall ranges between 15 and 30 inches. That is why the roads and pathways get blocked. With dedicated and experienced cleaners at hand, you can get the spaces around your house cleaned in nick of time. It will be amazing to give a new and graceful look to the exteriors of your home. So that you welcome guests and conduct house parties without hesitation.

Get the Gutters Cleaned

The wettest months in Texas are April and May. You should check for signs of leaky gutters and debris in downspouts right after the wet season. Hire house cleaning service in McKinney, Texas to climb the ladder and inspect the drainage system. The cleaning team will follow your instructions and get the drains unclogged of scuzz.

Scrub the Garage

Springtime in Texas commences immediately post-winter and typically lasts for three months. The average annual precipitation ranges between 530 mm in western sections and up to 890 mm in the southeast. This is why during the winters the garages are closed for a long duration. It leads to foul smell lingering around the outdoor spaces. This can be eradicated by scrubbing the flooring and spraying a disinfectant in and around the garage.

Inspect the Foundation Vents

Texas enjoys a very blissful climate along with the fall. The dried leaves look superb in the lawns and gardens but they are a mess when accumulated near the vents. Vents have to be cleaned periodically to maintain the ventilation in living spaces. And spring is the best season to inspect the vents for any damage.

Check the Roof Shingles, Windows, and Doors

Hurricanes also adversely affect the region. Recently, the Golden Triangle of Southeast Texas was biffed by Hurricane Rita. Such storms are a cause of concern to the roof shingles, doors, and windows. They often cause serious damage to the shingles and pave a way to leaky houses. Therefore, a timely inspection of indoor and outdoor surfaces can prevent you from paying extra for repairs and replacement.

You can either clean your house on your own or get a tailored cleaning plan that suits your needs and budget. But make sure that you live in a safe and clean environment irrespective of the seasons.


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