Finding Out About Building Inspectors In Adelaide

Finding Out About Building Inspectors in Adelaide

If you have ever sat in your car during peak traffic hour not moving an inch for ages, your eyes soon begin to wander.  I stare at buildings standing tall and confidently side by side lining the city streets, their architecture the essence of the structure, and when done with a designer’s eye you can tell they had inspiration from the get-go.

I have lived in the suburbs most of my childhood where housing all looked the same, on the outskirts of cities needing to travel in for work or appointments, to smack in the middle of the city center where bars and restaurants with their customers getting friendlier and louder as the evening progressed.

Having experienced a few variations of accommodation I have seen my fair share of buildings, from petite boutiques to money-hungry high rises that seemed to fade off into the distance as far as you could see, each bringing their perks to the table.

What I had begun thinking about recently, as my husband sits behind the steering wheel moaning about the workday ending on a low note for having to be stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for 40mins just to get home to put your feet up, is how did those skyscrapers get approved?

Who is the top dog ticking off all the boxes of inspection and stating it safe for tenants, who have this power to sign off on big projects that has the streets lined with cranes of all sizes, and a flurry of men constantly pacing back and forth in high viz vests?

Sounds like a movie scene am I right?

See here for some visualizations that will make you say ah-ha now I see what you are referring to.

In most cases the scene is not pretty, there are people in hard hats nodding in agreement with a suit-wearing ‘fat cat,’ orange cones lining the walkways, and flashing construction vehicle lights hypnotizing you if you stare at them for too long.

We need to understand how it all comes together in what looks like a seamless symphony of bricks and concrete.

What is an inspector?

It can get quite technical when it comes to specifying the finer details of the job description, but essentially a building inspector has a checklist of requirements, as such, that need to be met to pass and be up to code for standard building safety regulations.

They check everything from simple window security railings, fire escape routes, and accesses, to a water system that is triggered the minute the indication of a fire is detected.

All sections and areas need to be thoroughly looked over and if something is not up to scratch they may give the contractor a period to complete the work and meet the necessary standard, or if not a first offense, they have the authority to shut the whole project down.

This is the last thing any building company wants, it not only wastes time and money, but employees will soon find other work if the waiting period to restart employment is too long. Take a minute to read more on the subject by clicking this link and get a better insight into the job description of inspectors and how they perform their duties.

There is always going to be a much-needed advantage when it comes to having a premise inspected before purchasing, you may have some knowledge but to dig deeper requires a specialized skill set, thus hiring a professional to do the work is vital to getting the work done right the first time around.

5 Advantages of hiring a building inspector.


They know what to look for and where, no wondering or wandering, and things get done quickly. They make it look easy, all the while doing a high-pressure task because if they fail, the risk is that much larger than you can imagine.


Heating systems, plumbing, or Air Conditioners all have a life span like everything else, an inspector will be able to look at these and tell you if they are still in working order and not likely to collapse in the next few months once you’ve signed the papers, they are also let you know if it is even worth the effort in the long run.

Sounding good so far, like these are the people you are looking for to help you get your project started on the right foot, then check out this website for professional help and guidance on what strategy is best suited for you and the ‘adventure’ you are beginning.

Cables and wires

It is one thing to change a few plugs and sockets, the odd over-hanging wires looking like they may fall through the ceiling at any moment, but what you don’t want to do is to buy a property and then end up having to rewire the entire building.


They seem to be the jack of all trades these inspectors and that’s just the personality you want helping you, no area is missed or disregarded, they help you check pipes, drainage, and sewerage systems, and if any pipework needs updating before you make the final decision.

Before and after

They are not just available for assistance and help ‘before’ signing papers, if you already own the property and are looking to sell, an inspector can show you what all he considers below par for a successful inspection approval and what could be upgraded or looked at to pass the inspection report.

All in all, if it means you’re saving time and money by hiring in a company that specializes and has the expertise in inspecting buildings and properties, then what have you got to lose? It may seem like a headache or effort to have them walking around ticking off boxes, or not, but rather that than an unsuccessful sale due to maintenance issues that could have easily been avoided.

As my granny always liked to say, ‘prevention is better than cure.’

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