Essential Things To Keep In Mind While Cleaning Your New Home

Essential Things to Keep in Mind While Cleaning Your New Home

The idea of moving into a clean home is always quite alluring. Most of the time, you’re so busy with the other shifting-related responsibilities that you tend to ignore or postpone it. However, it can help you get rid of all the dust and debris from construction works that may cause allergies and other infections from ruining the experience of moving in. This apart, thorough cleaning can also easily identify areas that need repair or replacement in a new home.

All in all, you should take home cleaning seriously before moving into a new home to make things smoother and more hassle-free. Let’s now discuss some important things that you should keep in mind while cleaning your new home.

Clean the higher areas first

Fans, ACs, lighting fixtures, roofs, and other areas close to the ceiling should be targeted first, as they are the most ignored during a cleaning endeavor. Dusting these will inevitably accumulate a lot of grime and debris of the floor, but you can tend to that later. You should start with these areas and clean your way down, thus making it easier to clean the entire space.

Make sure you take appropriate measures to prevent these areas from raining down dust by collecting the dirt and debris in a bucket or a case. As you may not have the experience of handling such tasks efficiently, it’s recommended to opt for professional cleaning services.

Know how to clean what

When it comes to cleaning, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Different areas of the property may require different types of cleaning, e.g., the air vents, curtains, and drapes will need to be vacuumed, doors washed, bathrooms sanitized and cleaned, ceiling fans and light fixtures cleaned, carpets vacuumed, etc.

You should possess the knowledge of what types of cleaning will be perfect for which area before you begin. You can refer to to get an idea regarding the same, or you can talk to the experts, whichever seems convenient. If you hire professional services, they will take the entire headache, and you’ll only have to monitor their work and give suggestions if needed.

Take extra care while cleaning bathrooms

Most of the time, you have no idea who inhabited the space before you, and even if you do, it’s impossible to know how they maintained the property. You should take extra care while cleaning the bathrooms, as it’s more about sanitization than aesthetics. The bathrooms are the most common places for infections to spread, and hence, disinfection using the right cleaning agents and equipment is an absolute necessity.

Every object, like the toilet paper holder, lights, faucets, toilet seats, shower doors, tubs, etc should be disinfected properly and cleaned thereafter to ensure proper hygiene. Don’t forget to remove the showerheads and other detachable components before cleaning them.

Clean one room at a time

It’s best to take one room at a time and clean it thoroughly before moving on to the next. It will reduce much of your hassles and make the process quite systematic. Don’t be in a hurry to complete the task and inspect every nook and corner of the room to identify areas that you have missed. Move to the next room only if you’re fully satisfied with the cleaning of the previous one.

When you vacuum an area, you should follow it with a manual cleaning with damp rugs to prevent missing out troublesome corners. Regarding window cleaning, don’t do it in the daytime, when it can be difficult to notice finer dust particles, because of the sunlight. Wait till the sun sets, or start with cleaning the windows that are away from direct sunlight.

Give sufficient time to your kitchen

The kitchen is more prone to stains, grime, and debris than possibly any other place in your home. You should take ample time out to clean the kitchen walls, floors, countertops, backsplashes, light fixtures, windows, and every other corner of the space. Use the right cleaning agents to clean sticky spots quickly and don’t miss out on the drawers and cabinets.

If the kitchen of your new home is already furnished with appliances, you should clean each carefully before using them. Replace any worn-out appliance if need be, as it can cause electrical hazards and may even lead to severe accidents. You should also take careful measures while cleaning the floor and walls of your kitchen, especially if they are tiled.

Choose the right cleaning products

The cleaning products and equipment should be chosen carefully and according to the cleaning requirements of each area. You may need paper towels, scrubbers, cleaning rags, microfiber cloth, vacuum, mops, brooms, buckets, and ladders to complete the task satisfactorily. When you hire professionals, they will come with most of the necessary equipment, and you may only need to arrange for a few.

If you have tiled the floors or walls, it gets more important to know what cleaning agents you should use, as some natural stone tiles can be damaged by abrasive cleaners. While the professionals have all know-how of such matters, some knowledge on your part can be effective to monitor their work.

Clean the carpet thoroughly

If your new home comes with a carpet or a rug on the floor, you should clean it thoroughly, as it can be the home for numerous pests and fleas, especially if the property has been uninhabited for a long time. Try vacuuming the entire thing and remove the carpet if necessary. That way, you’ll be able to inspect the floor beneath and clean it too.

If the floor has heating appliances underneath, you should clean them first before scrubbing the floor or using water and abrasive cleaning agents. If there are holes on the floors caused by insects or rodents, make sure you get it repaired before moving in.

Wrapping it up

Cleaning your new home takes a lot of hassles, and you should do it before moving all the furniture in, if possible. That way, you’ll have access to all the corners of the space, which will make your job way easier. Hiring professional cleaning experts too will take sufficient load off your shoulders, but you should keep the aforementioned things in mind to evaluate the quality of their work and give suggestions from time to time.

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