Black and White Bathroom Trend Still Going Strong

Black and White Bathroom Trend Still Going Strong

Trends in home design come and go, with certain colors being in during one season and out the next. Certain trends can date a home very easily- we’ve all seen the green and yellow tiles of the 70’s that are still present in some properties.

Nowadays home owners are a bit more intelligent when it comes to working with fashionable colors for permanent fixtures and suppliers have followed suit- you won’t see bathroom furniture retailers offering magenta toilets anymore, for example.

What we are seeing is that increasing numbers of home owners are willing to play with color a bit in their choices of non-permanent furnishings. Walls, window treatments and accessories are all popular candidates for a bright hue, as they can then be changed out with minimal hassle in the future.

In terms of adding interest to permanent fixtures, the use of black and white is still very much on trend. It’s a bit less scary to create a patterned wall or eccentric floor in this color scheme than say, a vibrant rainbow hue. Many traditional bathrooms were done in black and white, and it remains appealing to potential buyers. It can even be considered a neutral palette, as any color accessories can be added to a black and white bathroom without issue.

Most contemporary bathroom furniture is offered in high gloss white, making it a great base for adding black as a complement. Try installing black bath panels to make a white bathtub stand out, or featuring a bold black wall behind a white wall hung basin.

You can also make use of a black and white patterned element in your bathroom, with wallpaper or textured curtains. Choose from patterns ranging from modern geometric shapes to nature-inspired leaves and flowers. Both will add unique personality to your space.

Flooring can make use of black and white with the classic scheme of alternating checked tiles, or simply by laying solid black tile next to an all-white wall. This looks great with black bath panels, as it really shifts the focus to the white bath.

The use of black and white in a bathroom is appropriate for a range of homes and styles. It can be incorporated into children’s bathroom designs (yellow rubber ducks look great with this scheme!), lavish master baths and bathrooms for young adults.

Black and white also looks modern and edgy when paired with mirrors and chrome bathroom accessories. Or, for a more romantic feel, add lush plants on pedestals, a plush rug and pastel scented candles.

Black taps and faucets have also recently been spotted, in addition to black stone basins, which look amazing mounted on a white shelf with brackets or vanity unit.

If you’re looking for an interesting style that doesn’t include the commitment to one specific color, the black and white color scheme may just be for you.

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