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About alternative mindset blog


My Alternative Mindset blog first appear on the internet as an alternative music blog on February 28, 2011, more than ten years ago from now. It was revamped as a home improvement blog in 2013 when I lost interest in featuring indie artists on my blog. January 1, 2021, when Google decided to power trip and banned my alternativemindset.net domain on its search results. All my old posts are de-indexed and my site drop-down its keyword rankings and organic traffic. I tried to fix the issue for more than 6 months but Google is being a bitch and keeps rejecting my reconsideration submission. It got to a point where you can say fuck it I’m not gonna continue trying to get my domain back from re-indexing. I just decided to buy a .org version and redirects my old domain to this new site. I hope this new domain will grow the way my old domain does. And I hope Google leaves me the f*ck alone.

If you want to contact me you can email me at lexoremman@gmail.com