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Deep Cleaning Tips for Your House

7 Deep Cleaning Tips for Your House

In this day in age, if you’re a working-class person, especially a working-class mom, and in between running around your family and kids trying to keep up with your work tasks and feeding everyone, it can be very difficult to spare a moment for cleaning your home. Which is why most houses in the United States choose to hire a maid service to do it for them. This is always a good idea, because not only do they usually do a thorough job of everything they leave it clean and disinfected as well, leaving you to concentrate on the other things in your life.

However, in the current climate revolving around the world, where the work-life balance has to a point been tilted off its roots, a lot of people must work from home and some are even calling it the “future of work”, click here for this read, we are also finding that a lot of the maid cleaning services are out of operation, rendering us to save our homes from the dismay of messiness.

If ever there was a time to learn how to deep clean a home, it is now, but we’re here to provide you with a helping hand in a few quick and easy ways to do this, so you don’t need to do it again for the next 6 months… depending on if you have kids or not. To make it simple and organized, we will give you the basic idea of how to clean a room in general from the top to the bottom, and you can use this to go from one room to the other. So, let’s take a deep dive in and get this over and done with.

A Room by Room Deep Clean of Your House

Streamlining the process will make it a lot easier and manageable for you and you don’t even need to do it all in one day but you can divide it into specific rooms today and the rest the day after or another week perhaps.

Step 1. Before we start

As always, the first and foremost step is to declutter the room. Say you choose to start with the lounge or sitting room. Get rid of things that are not meant to be there, perhaps your kids brought their toys in the space and left them on the floor? Perhaps there are vases on the floor which will need to be removed and put on top of the counters so you can sweep and mop the floors https://www.care.com/c/deep-cleaning-house

Sometimes finding a new place for things or removing them from that room altogether, can make a big difference. Plus, when you see it becoming tidy it will motivate you to carry on.

Step 2. Start high

A lot of professional cleaning companies advise its customers to start at the topmost part of the house, which is the roof. Take your feather duster and go for the ceilings, corners, chandeliers, and wall hangings, or decorations up high will go next, and as you come down to the lower levels dust whatever comes in the way.

Next tackle the sofas and chairs until you get to the bottom-most part, which is the floor. If you want to do a thorough job, get that mop, and bucket out, throw some floor cleaning soap in it and get scrubbing. If you don’t, then just a spritz of water on your mop will suffice. But make sure to vacuum or broom the loose dirt first before starting to wipe it.

Step 3. Get to the windows next

Again, make sure you vacuum the window corners first before starting to wipe them down. Once the open areas are done, get to the windows, and using a cloth and glass cleaner, wipe the windows on the inside, the window frames, and the window sills if you’ve got them. Adding a splash of white vinegar to water can bring that clear glass to a sparkly. One can use a microfiber cloth as well and you don’t need to use any cleaning liquid with it, simply just water.

If you have window shades or blinds, no need to take them down, just use the brush accessory of the vacuum cleaner and carefully go through the blinds once by one and then follow with a duster.

Step 4. Cleaning the floors

If you want to deep clean, a professional maid service such as Sterling maids would recommend a gentle cleaner mixed in water, specifically for floors, such as a disinfectant. However, you will need to move any furniture out of the way, no matter how big or small. Then bring out that vacuum and go for it, covering any nook and cranny in the room.

Hard floors can be handled using a microfiber mop and wooden floors, a wooden cleaning agent.

Step 5. Remove any dust

Next on the list will be to dust all the rest of the surfaces such as the tables, dining room chairs, and any hard surfaces like shelves, built-ins, or wooden furniture, and then if needed you can go over it with the appropriate cleaner such as wood cleaner with a soft cloth. The lampshades can be swept using a lint roller.

Step 6 and 7.

These are the final steps to put back everything you moved, and lastly, to have fun while doing it. Turn on some music, send the kids and hubby out to the park, unless they want to help, and get dancing! And remember, a clean house is always a happy house. These quick and easy 4 steps can be done in any room, start with the family room or lounge and work your way to the bedrooms, and storage compartments and eventually end up in the kitchen. If you want to do the outside patio or perhaps spring clean your garden using the useful content you can find here, you can leave that for another day.

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