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7 Common Types and Designs for Residential Windows

7 Common Types and Designs for Residential Windows

Windows are not only an essential part of home aesthetics but have a practical use too. Deciding the right type of residential windows is critical for any homeowner. Identifying the design of the suitable window requires you to have basic knowledge about the common designs available in the market. Ecochoice windows can offer professional consultation about the selection of the right type. We are experienced door and window replacement service, providers. Our proven experience allows us to serve our audience with the best installation and replacement services.

Beyond the basic functions of providing ventilation and letting in the light, the right design of the window also adds value to your property. Some window types offer a broader view, while some are easy to open. So, here are some common types of residential windows available in the market. If you need installation and replacement services for any type of window, Eco Choice Windows specialists can offer you the desired results.

1. Double-Hung and Single-Hung Windows

Two sashes are major components of this window type that move up and down vertically. You can open this window either from the bottom of the top. In both options, sashes remain inside the frame and don’t require any more space than the frame.

In single-hung windows, the top part of the window is fixed, and only the bottom part moves. Single-hung windows look similar to the double-hung window design but operate differently.

2. Casement Windows

If you need windows for your kitchen, then casement windows are the best options for your house. You can operate casement windows by the turn of a crank. There are simply opening and closing mechanisms used in casement windows, and you best-suitable for ventilation in the kitchen. This design was used in older construction projects, too but operating these windows was tough. With better material and a newer opening and closing mechanism, you can easily operate the new installations.

Casement windows are bigger in size and offer better ventilation and airflow. When you need plenty of natural light or sunshine in your space, a casement window is the best option.

3. Awning Windows

Awning windows are generally hinged at the top, and the outward opening mechanism allows the airflow from right, left, and bottom. The best way to install awning windows is to use with picture windows. Suppose you are thinking about installing awning windows over double-hung windows that are also a good idea. This window type is a great option for improved ventilation and adds more grace to your residential property. Installing awning windows require knowledge of certain techniques and experience. At Eco Choice Windows, we have experienced staff equipped with the right tools for the awning windows installation.

4. Picture Windows

When you need to enjoy the broader window and maximum natural light in your space, we highly recommend picture windows for such arrangements. These windows are more suitable for hilly areas with a great view where you want to bring outdoor, inside. You must know that picture windows don’t operate under any opening or closing mechanism as these are stationary widows. You cannot open or close picture windows. Any window that is larger in size can be considered as a picture window, but the most common type is a floor-to-ceiling window.

5. Transom Windows

This type of window can be stationary or operable and generally installed over the doors. The basic idea follows the design of awning windows.  Transom windows are installed in rooms and spaces where you need additional light. When architectural appeal and aesthetic values are needed, transom windows always serve the best.

6. Slider Windows

Slider windows are the most commonly used window type in residential projects. The opening and closing mechanisms are straightforward, where at least one operating window glides along a track. Modern house design engineers generally recommend slider windows for a modern feel. You can open windows to the right or left of the track.

7. Bay Windows

Bay windows are also known as bow windows. When you need more exterior space, bay windows are highly practical because they protrude out from the exterior. These windows have more to do with the construction of the house and the exterior design. If you want to install bay windows, make sure to get it done at the time of construction.

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