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6 Small Bathroom Ideas That Will Inspire a Renovation

6 Small Bathroom Ideas That Will Inspire a Renovation

Move over kitchens…the bathroom has become the most popular room to renovate in the home. Bathrooms now make up 81% of home improvement projects.

For most homeowners, this means working with smaller design spaces. Yet, being limited in space doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on style.

Here are 6 small bathroom ideas for creative design inspiration.

1. Pick the Right Color Palette

Your color palette is an essential part of the design for your small bathroom remodel ideas. Brighter colors help to make a small space feel larger. It helps to paint walls in neutral colors, like white, cream, light grey or blue.

Then you can focus on an accent color that complements the entire room while adding a bit of contrast. Black or copper are great accent choices for hardware and other fixtures.

Be sure to consider the color and materials for countertops, flooring, and cabinets. Tile and vinyl are the most popular choice for bathroom floors, depending on your budget.

Both options offer a range of colors and textures for creating a unique look. But these materials should blend well with the other elements in your bathroom.

2. Pay Attention to Pattern Designs

Patterns from flooring, walls, and countertops help add style to your bathroom. Yet, they can easily overwhelm a small-sized bathroom space. Larger-styled patterns tend to make your space seem bigger than it is.

A patterned floor will pair best with walls and counters that are more simple in design. When going bold with your wall color, it’s best to pair with neutral flooring.

These techniques keep a smaller space from looking too busy. It’s also easier on the eyes to use only one material for all flooring.

Wallpaper is trending in bathrooms again. For a smaller space, consider a half-wall design.

This breaks up the pattern a bit, helping the room feel larger. Then you can install wainscotting or a backsplash for the other half of the wall design.

3. Wow with Windows

Natural lighting helps to brighten up a cramped or dark space. This means windows can enhance small bathrooms in a big way.

Freestanding tubs are one of the top bathroom trends this year. If you have space for one, it helps to add a big window near the tub area. This will help give the illusion of a larger space.

Adding a skylight in the ceiling is another idea. This is ideal when you don’t have much wall space for adding in windows.

4. Use Lighting for Function and Style

Lighting fixtures not only add style to your bathroom space. They are an important feature for making a small space feel bright enough. It’s best to include both ambient and task lighting in small bathroom designs.

If you have space, hang a nice light fixture above a mirror. You can also flank the mirror with small wall sconces. Using up-lighting on your ceiling will make the room seem taller.

Make sure lighting fixtures don’t overwhelm the space. They should make a statement without being too large or bulky.

Another tip is to use a larger-sized mirror to help reflect more light. This trick makes the room feel more spacious than it is.

The same goes for using clear glass doors for your shower. This avoids having a barrier in your bathroom space.

5. Boost Storage Space in the Bathroom

Only 22% of homeowners increase the size of their bathrooms when renovating. That means both homeowners and new home buyers need to find creative ways to save on space. These small bathroom ideas work to boost storage in an original size bathroom design.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets are great for bathroom storage. Yet, they are not always possible in smaller spaces. Certain organization techniques work to help reduce clutter in other ways.

Woven baskets are perfect for holding toiletries, towels, and bath supplies. They also add texture and color to the room.

Other easy small master bathroom ideas include placing a small tray on the top of your toilet. You can also install a simple ledge over your sink for an organizational boost.

Make use of wall space with built-in shelving and towel racks. Using an old refurbished ladder for a towel rack is a creative idea.

A small stool or side chair will amp up surface space. Use it to hold a candle, books, or a plant. Plants are great for improving air quality in a small place and adding a pop of color.

Some homeowners prefer the look of a pedestal or floating sink instead of cabinets. Others like to use a small table to replace their bathroom vanity. These storage ideas work well when you don’t have space for cabinet storage or a linen closet.

Another tip is to install built-in alcoves inside the shower. These features are great for holding shampoo, conditioner, and soaps. This looks much nicer than a shower caddy or using the shower floor to hold items.

6. Save on Sink and Counter Space

It’s best to go minimal with decor and toiletries in a small bathroom. This tip makes counters look less cluttered.

Installing hangers for hand towels is an easy way to maximize counter space. Longer-sized sinks offer more counter area for bathroom designs for small spaces. This is also ideal when you want extra space without a double basin.

For single-sized vanities, a smaller oval sink may be best. This sink style takes up less space than a rectangular or square one. A corner sink may even allow for better movement and more space in the bathroom.

Small Bathroom Ideas for a Stylish and Functional Design

These small bathroom ideas will help to combine style and function in your home. Transform smaller spaces with the right color palette, lighting techniques, and storage features.

Looking for more inspiration on your next home renovation project? Check out the home improvement section of our blog for all the latest tips and trends.

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