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6 Must Have Power Tools You Need to Have in Your Home

6 Must Have Power Tools You Need to Have in Your Home

Ever wished you had a certain power tool in your home while carrying out a certain project? Imagine you just bought an new TV, and you don’t want to call the local handyman around.

You just want to mount it on the wall by yourself. Well, you can do that if you have the tools needed to mount a TV on the wall. You can’t just use your bare hands. You need common tools such as a speed drill or hammer drill, depending on the type of wall you have.

Then you need a stud finder if you’re mounting on a dry wall. You need a level, tape measure and a few other tools.

My point is, for every household, there are some necessary or important tools you need. These tools will help you tackle those home improvement or DIY projects where you don’t want to involve your local handyman.

With that said, here are some of the must have power tools you need to tackle DIY projects at home.

Cordless Drill

Almost all the DIY projects you’re going to get involved in at home are going to require the use of a cordless drill.

A cordless drill has many uses. First, you can use it to drill holes on stuff. For instance, like the tv mounting example I mentioned above, you can use it to drill holes on your drywall when mounting that tv.

You can drill holes for door knobs and sink faucets with it, you can also use it as a screw driver to drive screws into wood.

The cordless drill has many uses when it comes to tackling DIY or home improvement projects. Therefore, it’s a must have tool needed in every home.

Notice that I wrote cordless drill, not just drill. This is because, what every home owner really needs is a cordless drill.

With a cordless drill, you can work both indoors and outdoors with the drill without worrying about cable connections or electric sockets to power the drill.

Circular saw

Have you ever used a handsaw? If you’ve used it, you’ll know that it can be very difficult to use sometimes, especially when you’re not using the right size or type for the wood you’re trying to cut.

Using a handsaw requires that you provide the mechanical force needed to power the handsaw through cuts.

However, you can avoid all that stress by simply getting a circular saw. With a circular saw, you can make any type of cuts you want to make. You can make straight cross cuts, and you can make bevel cuts.

But, you cannot cut curves or make circular cuts like cutting irregular shapes on wood. That’s what the next tool we have on this list does.

One thing I have to stress though is that, you don’t have to buy the most expensive circular saw in the market. You can simply do with a fairly priced budget friendly one. Where you actually need to spend some money is the blade.

How straight, clean and precise a circular saw cuts depends to a very large extent on the quality of the blade, and to some extent the quality of the saw.

That’s why you have to get a very good blade for you circular saw if you need some really clean straight cuts.

A jigsaw

Like I mentioned earlier, you can’t cut curves or irregular shapes with a circular saw. What you can use for this is a simple jigsaw.

With a jigsaw, you have a tool that you can use to cut irregular shapes on wood. You can cut holes, circles or patterns on wood using a jigsaw.

The rule of thumb is, when you need to cut a line that’s not straight, then you need a jigsaw to make the cut.

An Oscillating Multitool

The oscillating multitool might just be one new tool that you’ve not heard about before, but like story the name tells, it’s one tool that can be used for a lot of things.

It’s a multitool, it can be used for sanding, for scraping, for cutting, etc. It’s one hell of a tool that you’ll find a lot of uses for in your home.

If you want to cut a precise square space in your drywall, maybe to fit a socket into, the oscillating multitool is what you need. You want to scrape grout from your tiles, fix the scraper attachment to the multitool and off you go.

It’s got a lot of uses, and you can comprehend how useful this power tool is by simply getting a hold of one.

A reciprocating saw

A reciprocating saw is one of the toughest cutting tool you’re ever going to get your hands on. No wonder it’s called a demolition tool.

It’s one tool that can be used to cut through any household object. You want to cut a pipe, wood, iron, nail embed wood? Yes, you can do all that with a reciprocating saw.

All you need to ensure is to fit in the right type of blade for the cut. There are reciprocating saw blade for cutting wood, fur cutting iron, PVC pipe, nail embedded wood and so on.

There are even pruning reciprocating saw blades for pruning the trees in your yard or garden

The reciprocating saw, just like the oscillating multitool, is one multipurpose tool that every household needs to get daily home improvement or DIY projects done efficiently.

It’s definitely a tool worth having in tool box.

A nailer kit

Although you can join wood pieces together efficiently just by using a screws and a drill, sometimes, you just need to use nails.

The tough part though about using nails is the effort required for you to swing that hammer to force that nail into the wood.

Also, there’s the problem of precision. You might actually miss the nail and hit the wood, damaging it in the process while trying to hit the nail with your hammer.

That’s where framing nailers and finish nailers come in. With a nailer, you don’t have to exert any force to swing a hammer. You can simple load nails into the nail magazine of the nailer you wish to use, place the nailer tip on the workpiece, press the trigger, and pow! You’re done.

A nailer allows you to drive nails into wood without exerting any effort. Just the effort of pulling the nail trigger is required.

So, if you’re tired of swinging the old ole hammer all the time, you can choose from this list of framing nailers, and get one for yourself, or you can get a finish nailer if that’s what you need.


I mentioned 5 tools above, and I’m pretty sure those are the most important and necessary power tools you’re going to need to carry out your household projects.

Of course there are many other power tools and router table out there, but these ones are the most important and basic ones you need. They’re the must haves in any home.

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