5 Ways to Show Love and Care to Your Lawn

5 Ways to Show Love and Care to Your Lawn Infographic

Your lawn grass might not stay green round the year, but they remain alive even if they look dull and not growing taller. Showing a little love and care by regularly feeding them with food, nutrients, water, and oxygen, they can always look great and again flourish in the favorable seasons to look soothing to the eyes. Apart from feeding, there are many other basic yet effective ways to maintain your lawn grass.

Mow Your Lawn

Mow your lawn timely. Yes, timing does matter to help the grass spread its root and fill the gaps. Experts at Allenoutdoorstl.com suggest that in summers, a lawn should be mowed once a week and in spring, autumn, and warm winters once in two weeks.

The height setting of the mower considering the type of grass also plays a vital role. To cut cool season grasses, set the height up to 2½ to 3½ inches, and for warm-season grasses, go for a little shorter.

Spot-Treat Weed

Weeds like yellow medick, buttercups and clover can instantly kill the beauty of your lawn by smothering a larger section of the area.

A trowel is the easiest way to remove them. A mower can also help you lift them up. The use of chemical weed-killers is not suggested, as they can affect your health. They are also known to blend in the soil and are ineffective in improving grass health.

Feed Your Lawn

Lawns typically need to be fed twice a year, in spring and in mid-summer for greener and healthier grass.

Organic fertilizer is recommended as it is more effective in maintaining long term grass health. Get a wheeled lawn feeder for large lawns to get a fast and accurate result.

Allow Roots to Breath

When grasses are very close to each other, they don’t get enough room to breathe and ultimately fail to grow, which results in bare patches.

The best way is to aerate the soil using a garden fork. Push it as deep as 10cm into the soil and rock back and forth to open up the soil to allow roots to breathe and help the grass grow better.

The ground with clay soil has poor drainage and is also prone to compaction. This is where using sharp sand or fine horticultural grit into the holes will work to resolve the issue.

Fill-up Bare Lawn Patches

There are two steps to fill up the bare patches of a lawn.

Firstly, cut out the strips while reshaping the lawn and divide them into sections. Now, place those sections 5cm apart in a compost-filled seed tray. Let them grow outside or in a cold frame.

Next, cut out the bare patch in square or rectangular shape using a hand trowel. Now, of the same shape cut the turf in the tray. Place the turf gently onto the patch and press it to prevent any gaps and to level both the new turf and the existing lawn.

Investing a little extra time can make your lawn look up to date. But, if the area is large or you are looking for a makeover, hiring professionals for lawn irrigation and landscaping and maintenance is the best idea.

Check out this guide from Wiki Lawn. It covers everything you need to do for a perfect lawn all year round.

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