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5 Types of Locksmith Services in North Vancouver

5 Types of Locksmith Services in North Vancouver

Have you ever hired a locksmith? Although their services are mainly hired for residential purposes, these specialists excel in other aspects of locksmithing, such as commercial, automotive, forensic, and safe lockup services.

Despite the standard tasks of lock installation, repair, and key cutting, experts in locksmithing take care of home and building security. Forensic locksmiths even take the role of investigators by assisting the police in their investigations.

These are the most popular types of locksmith North Vancouver services residents of British Columbia are recommended to hire.

Residential services

Residential locksmith services are probably the most frequently used by residents of North Vancouver. These are essential in lockout situations, as well as in the improvement of home security. Residential locksmiths are experts in repairing defective locks, making key copies, replacing broken locks, etc. You shouldn’t panic in the event of losing your house keys or forgetting them inside the house, as these experts can provide you with a new lock or keys in no time.

When it comes to home security, they’re trained in inspecting the safety of houses and apartments by checking the conditions of locks. You can hire them for an installation of a home security system, CCTV cameras, high-security locking mechanisms, or panic hardware. Some residential locksmiths collaborate with real estate agents in order to replace locks on residential properties, which were recently bought by new owners.

Commercial services

Commercial locksmith services are different when compared to residential, as the former involves lock installation, replacement, and repair in commercial buildings, such as schools, offices, hotels, banks, or hospitals. Commercial locksmiths are mostly concerned with the security systems of buildings, which need to be solid enough in order to impede potential break-ins.

Moreover, the security systems of commercial properties have to be highly sophisticated so as to meet the health and safety regulations of businesses. Unlike households, not all doors in these facilities require equal security, so the job of these workers is to determine the type of locks for different doors. Apart from traditional locks, these professionals provide installation of keyless systems, accessed by employees with the help of plastic cards. Visit this URL for a better understanding of four different types of security systems.

Automotive services

Automotive locksmiths in North Vancouver provide special services related to vehicles, not properties. These are the experts to contact whenever you get accidentally locked out of your automobile, damage your car keys, or need a duplicate. They’re capable of cutting new keys that comply with all models of vehicles, even if the cutting process takes place in a remote area far from town.

Furthermore, automotive locksmiths are also proficient in repairing car remote controls. You can also contact them in case the key gets stuck in the ignition, after doing your best to remove it with no success. These workers use special techniques and tools for safe removal and try not to get the key damaged during the process.

Forensic services

Forensic services are one of the most specific fields of locksmithing, being of tremendous importance in criminal investigations. The job of forensic locksmiths in North Vancouver is to disassemble locks for the purpose of discovering the method in which they were opened without authorization. The insight these experts provide is considered extremely helpful in police investigations, which makes them some sort of investigators.

Additionally, forensic specialists employ a variety of techniques to provide helpful evidence, such as microphotography, the examination of parts under a microscope, disassembly of locks, etc. They also preserve any evidence found on the crime scene, take the role of expert witnesses, and writers of investigative reports. Follow this link, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expert_witness, to learn more about the role and types of expert witnesses.

Safe lockup

This type of locksmith service is used by individuals who have residential or commercial safes. Professionals assist clients in accessing their safes by repairing faulty locks, installing new electronic keypads, as well as installing and removing safes when necessary.


Hiring a specialist to take care of your locksmithing problem is better than handling the issue by yourself.

You can hire an expert in residential, commercial, automotive, or forensic locksmithing.

The choice is yours!

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