5 Tiny Yet Beautiful Room Ideas

5 Tiny, Yet Beautiful Room Ideas

There is no doubt about it, the theme of a tiny house has taken off. People have discovered that they can be comfortable, live with all the comforts they are accustomed to, and own their home in no time. The only thing is, there is a period of adjustment. Going from a home where it is not a problem to drop your books in the floor and toss your jacket on the sofa, to a home where everything has its place and must be put in its place takes dedication.

Don’t think out of the box – It’s a Rectangle!

There is room in a tiny house that you may not consider, and it is up. As you probably know, many people build a loft bed in the upper part of the little house. Pick one end (usually over the living room) with steps that lead to the bed.

The loft should only have a bed. Lighting should on the ceiling and wired like any other ceiling light for safety reasons. This will give you a dropped ceiling effect You can use mirrors on the drop ceiling or on the wall behind the sofa between the sofa and the ceiling for a fabulous look with depth.

While you have this unusual look going, try using a futon or a short sofa. Personally, I think the futon is the best option since it can be used as a couch or a bed.

Ok, we admit you may have read this tip in other blog posts we have written. But, that is because this is so important (especially in a tiny house) it needs to be repeated. Green plants should be in every room of a small house. However, if the house is very small, it is important to have the plants in the room you sleep in. Green plants take in carbon dioxide and put out oxygen. This is the opposite of how humans function. They also clean toxins from the air. Herbs growing in your kitchen do this, plus put off a wonderful fragrance and are great for seasoning as you cook.


Let’s focus on the kitchen. Choose some beautiful cabinets that can be customized to fit in the space you have. Try some with open fronts and do not waste an inch of space. Beautiful cabinets are available at Best Online Cabinet’s website.

For an extra bit of glitz, install a vessel sink with modern polished faucets. Under the sink have two pull-out cabinets with a rail to hook pots and pans. Then you simply slide them in and out.


In a little house, the bathroom is very small. Make use of the walls and have a lot of cabinets for all your needs. Use a lot of mirrors to give the room a look of space.

Your little house does not have to lack style. You just have to get creative. You can have the house of your dreams, just dream small and chic.

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