5 Roofing Upgrades That You Should Consider

5 Roofing Upgrades That You Should Consider

The roof is one of the most important parts of any home or business, as it protects the interior and everything in your home or business. Simply having a roof over your head is alright, however, improving your roof and making sure it lasts longer is something that every home or business will want. Not only do you have a better functioning roof, but your roof will also have a much longer lifespan. But what exactly are these upgrades that matter?

The Best Roofing Upgrades for Your Home or Business

There are a number of great roofing upgrades that are available to home or business owners. Each one has their own advantages, but not all of them can be considered great. So we’re going to be exploring the best roofing upgrades that you should consider. These upgrades will all have a way of not just protecting your roof, but also saving you time and money in the long run.

Roof Coating

Roof coating is something that many businesses will have heard of if they have a flat roof. This type of roof upgrade can be considered the seal coating of roofing. It helps insulate the roof from the rays of the sun and rain by adding a specialized layer of protection. The best part is that roof coating also comes in many different types that can be catered to the needs of your home or business.

For example, SPF coating is designed to add a strong layer of protection against UV rays for commercial roofing in Phoenix or any area with extreme heat. It can insulate the building and add a value of R6 to a building’s insulation rating with just a single inch of coating. It can even withstand strong rain and storms that would otherwise cause leaks on a roof. This makes sure that your roof stays in top condition even if you’re in Arizona where temperatures can soar as high as 120 degrees or experience intense rain like Hawaii.

Foam Insulation

Foam insulation may seem like it isn’t a direct roof upgrade, however, it is a great boost to the longevity of your roof if you have one. The bane of every home or business owner is the presence of a leak that can cause damage to the interior of their building. Foam insulation is a great answer to this problem.

Foam insulation at its core is to make sure that your building’s temperature is comfortable while also minimizing heating or cooling bills. However, foam insulation also serves another purpose and that is to act like spray-on glue or sealant for the underside of your roof or top of your attic. Foam insulation sticks to the bottom of your roof and hardens to create a layer of protection that keeps water from getting through while also preventing mold and mildew from growing in the wood of your roof. Combined with roof coating, your roof will be sandwiched between two excellent layers of protection against potential roof damage.

Seamless Gutters

One of the most important parts of any roof is not just the roof itself, but also the gutters that help divert water off of it. Standard gutters will have seams that can easily come apart. Each of these seams are weak links where corrosion and damage can start and spread. In extreme cases, these gutters can fall apart without warning. Seamless gutters on the other hand don’t have to deal with these problems.

Instead of being manufactured and cut like a puzzle off site in a factory, seamless gutters have to be manually cut and measured to the exact specifications of your home or business. This means that these gutters will always be a perfect fit. However, this does mean that you’re going to need a professional roofing contractor to do it for you, however the payoff is more than worth it.

Seamless gutters will last far longer than regular gutters because of how it experiences less problems than their counterparts with seams. Maintenance and cleaning requirements are also minimal because of it.

Debris Guards

One of the biggest problems of gutters is the fact that debris can create blockages that keep water from passing through. The presence of debris creates pools in the gutter that become breeding grounds for insects and other pests while also increasing the risk of your gutters falling off of your roof. A great solution to dealing with this problem is to add debris guards to your gutters or get gutters with pre-installed debris guards.

Gutters with debris guards have less problems dealing with leaves and other debris in the gutter itself and downspouts that lead to ground level. You will be able to invest more time in other things since you will be spending less time cleaning and clearing out debris from your gutters. The best part is that debris guards can also be installed on seamless gutters to improve them even more.

Effective Roofing Materials

Your roof is what it is because of the materials it uses. Shingles, tiles, and metal roofing are the common roofing materials that your roof is most likely made of. A great way to upgrade your roof  is to use material that fits the climate of your area. For example, asphalt roof shingles are an effective and cheap material for cold weather, while clay tiles are better suited for hot weather. Metal roofing is somewhat more expensive and is easier to dent and damage, however, it is effective regardless of temperature. Each material also has a certain lifespan before it starts showing problems, with metal roofing coming out on top in the longevity department.

Final Thoughts

Upgrading your roof is no easy task and some of it will need the help of a professional roofing contractor. Especially if your business or home is in a place with intense heat or cold that can cause accidents if you’re not prepared to do it yourself. Despite this however, with these roofing upgrades in mind you should have an easier time figuring out what would fit best for the roof of your home or business.

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