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5 Creative Ways You Can Paint Your House Like The Pros Would

5 Creative Ways You can Paint Your House Like the Pros Would

Mixing creativity and basic DIY painting skills don’t always end up giving you the best paint job. Sometimes it’s easy to think you know what you’re doing until you’re mid-project and things just aren’t turning out the way you’d hoped. This is why pro commercial painters have developed best practices over their years of experience.

The great thing is with the internet at your fingertips you can use their experience to your advantage. There are plenty of tips out there that will let you paint your home while getting a professional look and still use some creative ideas in the process. Creativity doesn’t always have to spell disaster when it comes to DIY home projects.

Take a few minutes to read these five creative ways you can paint your house like the pros. Use the ideas you like the best and see what you can do to make your walls look great and make your friends wonder who you hired to do the job.

1. Skip the Rag Rolling and Use Textured Paint

Paint has really been available in amazing textures and finishes over the past several years. You can get glitter finishes, metallic paints, glazes, and even textures. If you like the way the old methods of sponge painting or rag rolling looked when everyone used these methods in the past, you’re going to be thrilled with textured paints.

You can get textures ranging from sand to suede and just about anything else in between you might think of. Sponge painting or using rags can take forever, and the results are less predictable. If you opt for a paint type that’s made to add texture to your walls you can save time, and end up with a result that looks more professional and less 90s DIY.

2. Paint Your Ceiling

Pros know that painting the ceiling warms up a room and they know better than to believe old myths about painting the ceiling, like that it will make the room look smaller. You have a few options when it comes to painting your ceilings so don’t feel like you have to jump into the deep end and paint them a dark color right away.

Most of the time the ceilings in your how are just a standard white. You can warm the room up by choosing a wite that has a little more warmth to it. If you visit a local hardware store you’ll be surprised at all the swatches of white there are to look at.

You can choose the one you like best and use it on your ceiling. Give yourself a chance to enjoy how much more peaceful and inviting your rooms to look, and then if you really want to, you can go for a brighter or darker color.

3. Use Painter’s Tape

This tip is a “two birds with one stone” situation. Don’t skip the painter’s tape thinking masking tape will do the job. It won’t, and your lines will not look sharp and crisp. It will definitely be a way someone will be able to see you did the paint job all on your own. So make sure you’re using real painter’s tape to protect your baseboards and window areas.

You can also use painter’s tape to create intricate designs and geometric patterns on your wall. If you want an accent wall that isn’t just a plan wall that’s another color you have a great option here. Tape off the design you want and paint over the tape with your main room color. When you remove the tape you’ll be left with an accent wall that has a whole new level of intrigue.

You can find tutorials on how to create designs that suit your style online all over. Check sites like Pinterest or YouTube and follow the steps for the design you like best. Again, just make sure you aren’t relying on the poor substitution of masking tape for this trick.

4. Don’t Get So Creative That You Skip Prep Time

Prepping your walls before you paint is very important. Make sure you are taking the time to sand down chipped or peeling old paint. Wash any areas that are dirty and let them dry afterward. Remove outlet covers and switch plates. Do everything you think you’ll need to do to get the best result, even if it feels like you just want to get in there and start painting.

The more time you spend prepping the better your walls are going to look. Your paint will apply more smoothly and adhere to the wall in a more effective manner. You won’t have to worry about painting coat after coat because the paint isn’t sticking to your wall because it was dirty when you started. This is a really important step. Make sure you take this tip and spend the time on it.

5. Use Chalkboard Paint to Have Some Fun

The pros know this kind of paint can add a lot of interest to your home. You can use it in a myriad of ways. If you have small kids, you can definitely put a chalk paint accent somewhere at the level of their little hands and give them chalk to make some art. If they miss the chalk paint and hit your normal wall, it’s much easier to clean that off too. Check out this best chalk paint review for further ideas.

You can also use chalkboard paint in your kitchen to keep a grocery list, or your family room to use as a planner for everyone’s activities. Chalkboard paint is pretty easy to apply and you’ll find that it becomes a conversation piece as well as something your whole family really enjoys.


You don’t have to use every single pro-tip out there to make your home look great. Stick with the ones you like best and use those to create a masterpiece on your walls. If you love your final product you’ll be more likely to feel like your home is a peaceful welcoming place to be. This is something both your guests and you will enjoy. It will be worth the work just to have that effect.

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