4 Popular Home Tech Trends for 2019

4 Popular Home Tech Trends for 2019

The world is constantly evolving and adapting, and smart technology is no longer a sci-fi prediction – it’s here, and it’s happening! Smartphones are always at arm’s length, voice activation gadgets are becoming a household norm, and technology like virtual reality and artificial intelligence is popping up in a number of industries. One area where smart technology is becoming more and more common is within the home, and here are four of the most popular new tech trends for 2019.

Devices for babies and pets

Smart devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant have been big tech trends over recent years. In 2019 and beyond, the popularity of smart devices is set to continue, and with a slight twist in a new direction. Devices tailored towards caring for babies are emerging for 2019, with technology that observes a baby’s breathing, and advanced baby monitors that can even swaddle your baby for you.

For the other smallest members of the household, cats and dogs, there are some other trends in smart home technology emerging. Examples include devices that allow indoor cats to get their much-needed exercise and a smart door like a microchip cat flap that allows your dog or cat to come and go inside and outside whenever they like, working in conjunction with a smart charm collar that unlocks the door when they approach.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting is another piece of home tech that’s expected to remain as popular as ever throughout 2019. Smart lighting is one of the most practical pieces of technology to use in the home, and it’s becoming even easier for users to install. Users simply need to screw in a smart lighting bulb and wait for it to connect to their Google Home app, and can then control the lights using only their voice.

Motion sensor technology is also available which turns lights on and off whenever someone enters or leaves the room, which can result in less energy being wasted. Not only does smart lighting help to boost practicality, but it’s also more eco-friendly, which is important to a lot of homeowners and tenants. Even the property investment industry is beginning to get on board with these smart lighting trends, with companies like RW Invest using this technology in many of their buy to let properties.

Air purification

Our homes are constantly being filled with toxins from household items, dust, mould, smoke and other allergens. This is why one of the next big smart home technology trends focuses on cleaning the air in the home through an advanced purification process. Unlike more traditional air purifiers, this smart technology automatically monitors the air for pollutants and even notifies the user via a voice assistant if it picks up any serious issues like carbon monoxide.

High-tech kitchens

Ever wished for a helping hand in the kitchen? Recently emerging technology through brand developments like the GE Kitchen Hub means that our kitchens can now create shopping lists for us, access recipes, and even browse the internet. No longer do homeowners need to struggle with complicated recipes, frequently stopping to access Google on their smartphone.

These high-tech kitchens also have the ability to check dishes as they cook, allow you to interact with friends and family through a forward facing video chat camera, and stream apps like Netflix and Spotify.

Post updated: 08/19/2021

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