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3 Tips To Remember To Change Your HVAC Air Filter

3 Tips to Remember to Change Your HVAC Air Filter

Your air filter is a key component in your HVAC unit running smoothly at all times. You will be amazed at how much harder your unit works when the filter is clogged or full of debris. This filter has a wide variety of benefits to you and your home when it is changed properly. By changing out your air filter you can breathe clean and unpolluted air at all times in your home. There’s just one thing most people have problems with when it comes to their filter. They always forget to change it out. How can you help yourself remember to change it every month? Here are three tips to help you never forget when your HVAC filter should be changed.

Set an Alarm on Your Phone

Typically people have their phones with them every where they go. Try setting a monthly recurring reminder to change your air filter. Set the alarm to go off at the same time every month to help you get in the routine of changing it out. If you need to set one alarm to remind you to purchase the filter and one to remind you to change it out. This will help you to keep up with when it was changed and know when it needs replacing.

Schedule With Other Items

Sometimes it helps if you do two things on your home at one time. Schedule your filter change with some other item that needs to be done. Keep doing them together like having your pest control come and your filter changed the same day. That way when one is done it’s automatic to do the other one as well. By keeping both of them together it helps you to do both and make sure they are done. Consider buying several filters at a time so they are all there and you can just do that as well as your other chore.

Write it on Your Calendar

Mark the day each month on a calendar that is in a highly visible area. That will help you to make sure you have a reminder every time you walk by the counter or the door. It is easy to just write it down on your calendar and keep it marked for what day to change. Many people place stickers on their calendar so they can be sure to remember this each month on the same day. It doesn’t always have to be the same day as long as you remember to do it regularly in the same time frame. By keeping it clean and changed out you are not only helping your family but your HVAC unit as well.

Changing out your air filter is for more than just maintenance and a routine. It can affect the health of your family and friends if the filters are not properly changed. It can also affect your HVAC unit and how hard it has to work. Keep these filters changed regularly. Keep your air clean and unpolluted with allergens.

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